Thank you for applying to Art Olympia 2017.

The outline of Art Olympia 2017 is as follows:

1. Number of entries

1037 artists from 81 countries have entered this year’s competition.

2. First Round Screening

Jurors will review the artworks and after summing up the scores, we will inform applicants result via e-mail, which will be sometime about April 20th 2017. Artists who have passed the first round screening, will receive the detailed information and all the instructions for the final review in Tokyo.  

3. Final Review

Actual works of the finalists need to be shipped to Tokyo and final review which is scheduled on June 7th 2017 in Tokyo.  

4. Presentation of final judging results

We will post the results of our final review on our website which is open to the public and all the winners will be notified via email. We will post 180 final artworks on this website.